Fractional Exponents Calculator

Fraction Exponents Calculator

Notes on Fractional Exponents:

Example entries -3^(1/2) or (-3)^(1/2) will result in different answers. See additional notes on our exponent calculator.

This online calculator puts calculation of both exponents and radicals into exponent form.

  • To calculate exponents such as 2 raised to the power of 2 you would enter 2 raised to the fraction power of (2/1) or 2^(2/1).
  • To calculate radicals such as the square root of 16 you would enter 16 raised to the power of (1/2).
  • To calculate combined exponents and radicals such as the 4th root of 16 raised to the power of 5 you would enter 16 raised to the power of (5/4).
  • If you try to take the root of a negative number your answer may be NaN = Not a Number.

For more detail on Exponent Theory see


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