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About this Random Password Generator

Create passwords up to 50 characters long from selected sets of characters.

* Character Sets to Include:

Select the character sets you want considered when the program is selecting characters.

** Select Evenly from:

Suppose you selected characters to include lowercase letters, uppercase letters and digits.

If you Select Evenly from: All Chosen Characters, all 26+26+10 characters will make up one set of 62 characters and each random selection will be made from this full single set.

If you Select Evenly from: Each Chosen Set, all characters will be selected as evenly as possible in rotation from one set at a time.  For example, an 8 character password will be randomly chosen in order from lowercase, uppercase, digits, lowercase, uppercase, digits, lowercase then finally uppercase.  This selected password set will be shuffled.

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Guidance on creating good passwords:

NOT a "Password Strength Meter" but a "Search Space" Calculator


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