Fractions Calculators

Help to add, subtract, multiply, divide, simplify, order, compare and convert fractions, improper fractions, integers and mixed numbers with an online fractions calculator.

Fraction Operations and Manipulations

Fraction Calculator

Operations on proper and improper fractions.  Includes formulas for adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing fractions.

Adding and Subtracting Fractions

Add or Subtract up to 10 fractions at a time and see the work in getting the answer

Simplifying Fractions

Simplifies proper and improper fractions showing the work and result as a fraction or mixed number.

Equivalent Fractions

Generate a set of equivalent fractions to a fraction, mixed number or integer

Mixed Fractions

See: Mixed Numbers, Integers & Fractions

Mixed Numbers, Integers & Fractions

Operations on whole numbers, integers, mixed numbers, proper fractions and improper fractions. Shows the equations and work in the calculator results.

Simplifying Complex Fractions

Simplify fractions with numerators or denominators of any 2 of mixed numbers (mixed fractions), regular fractions, improper fraction and integers

Decimal to Fraction

Convert a decimal to a fraction.

Fraction to Decimal

Convert a fraction to a decimal.

Fraction to Percent

Convert a fraction to a percent.

Percent to Fraction

Convert a percent to a fraction.

Mixed Numbers to Decimal

Convert mixed numbers, fractions or integers to decimal numbers and see the work on how to make your conversion.

Mixed Numbers to Percent

Convert mixed numbers, fractions or integers to percentages and see the work on how to make your conversion.

Mixed Numbers to Improper Fractions

Convert mixed numbers to improper fractions and see the work on how to make your conversion.

Ordering Fractions

Ordering fractions, integers and mixed numbers to find if the are equal, greater or less than each other. (< or > or =)  Shows work and entries rewritten with LCD.

Comparing Fractions

Comparing fractions, integers and mixed numbers to show equality or inequality (< or > or =).  Shows entries rewritten with LCD.

Solving for X in Fractions

Solve for unknown X such as X/12 = 4/16 will solve the fraction for X for equalities and inequalities. For (< or ≤ or > or ≥ or =) and shows the work for cross multiplication.

Estimating Sums & Differences

Estimate sums and differences for positive proper fractions, n/d, where n ≤ d and 0 ≤ n/d ≤ 1.  Includes fractions table for fractions on the order of 1/2, 1/4, 1/8 and 1/16.

Least Common Denominator (LCD)

Will find the LCD of fractions, integers and mixed numbers.  Shows the equivalent fractions rewritten with the LCD.

Fractions Table

Fractions in order from 0 through 1 for halves through sixteenths. Includes decimal equivalents of fractions.

Fractions Number Line

Fractional parts as little as 16ths


Solves for the missing value of a ratio in the form A:B = C:D ( or the equivalent A/B = C/D ).

Golden Ratio

Enter 1 value in the Golden Ratio formula (A+B : A = A : B) and the other values will be generated with a geometric representation.

Converting Fractions, Decimals and Percents

Decimal to Fraction Converter

Decimal to Percent Converter

Fraction to Decimal Converter

Fraction to Percent Converter

Percent to Decimal Converter

Percent to Fraction Converter

Mixed Numbers to Decimal Converter

Mixed Numbers to Percent Converter


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