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Rounded Number:  76.55

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multiples of 0.05

Rounding, the nearest is 76.55

Round Numbers and Decimals to Nearest Multiple:

This calculator rounds a number or decimal to the nearest multiple similar to Excel MROUND() function. Both values entered must be positive or both must be negative.

Suppose we wanted to round off money value of $76.225. Depending on which multiple we're rounding to, the final result can vary.

  • Round to the nearest ten dollars or multiple of 10 (80.000) is 80.00
  • Round to the nearest five dollars or multiple of 5 (75.000) is 75.00
  • Round to the nearest dollar or multiple of 1 (76.000) is 76.00
  • Round to the nearest 25 cents or multiple of 0.25 (76.250) is 76.25
  • Round to the nearest 10 cents or multiple of 0.10 (76.200) is 76.20
  • Round to the nearest 5 cents or multiple of 0.05 (76.250) is 76.25
  • Round to the nearest cent or multiple of 0.01 (76.230) is 76.23

Incorrect Rounding with Excel MROUND()

Several people have discovered rounding errors with Excel MROUND() function, for example

Excel is inconsistent with rounding results when applying MROUND().  You can overcome this error by first applying ROUND().  For example

Number (X) Excel
76.2240 76.22 76.22
76.2250 76.22 76.23
76.2260 76.23 76.23

You can also use an equation to calculate MROUND() in PHP which can be programmed as an equation in Excel.



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