Help Notes

Tabbed Browsing
The Calculators have been built with an effort to allow logical tabbed navigation through the entry fields to the "Calculate" button. So, on most calculators you should be able to enter information from left to right or top to bottom and use your tab key to move to the next field then to the "Calculate" button and hit "Enter". 
Calculate with Enter or Go
You can also hit "Enter" or "Go" on your keyboard and not use the "Calculate" button.  With your cursor focus in the last entry field just hit "Enter".  Or, after you change a field to modify a calculation, just hit "Enter" or "Go".
Not a Number. You entered a value that can not be operated on or there does not exist an answer for your calculation.
Infinity. The answer is beyond the abilities of the php engine that is used to make the calculations. Generally the limit is 10300.
Significant Figures and Floating Point numbers
Floating point numbers do not always come out exactly as expected because of the internal storage by the computer/server.  For example, a value might be exactly 5.0 but show up as a result of 4.99999...9 trailing on and on.
Share this Calculation:
Once you enter a calculation a link for that calculation will appear in the Share this Calculation textarea. When present, the link provided can be entered into a browser address bar or used in an HTML link to send someone to the same exact calculation you just did. If you know how to change the URL variables you can also dynamically create links as you need them.
Share Links to this Calculator
Provides other easy to copy links to each calculator including Pop-up Calculators to include calculators on your own or another website.

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