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Dice Roller

Roll 1 to 5 dice at a time.

Multiplication Tables

Create multiplication test questions for integers 1 through 12

NFL Draft Pick Values

Compare total trade values and calculate gain and loss percent of trade points or look up pick values.

NFL CUSTOM Draft Pick Values

Enter your own pick value data and compare total trade values and calculate gain and loss percent of trade points.


Poker 5 Card Draw

Play 5 card draw for 1 to 5 players

Poker Hand Ranking

Images and Poker Hands Ranking from best to worst, with sample hands. 1. Royal Straight Flush, 2. Straight Flush, 3. Four of a Kind, 4. Full House, 5. Flush, 6. Straight, 7. Three of a Kind, 8. Two Pair, 9. One Pair, 10. High Card.

Random Password Generator

Create sets of characters up to 50 long that are generated randomly from your choice of 1 or more of these sets


Yu-Gi-Oh Calculator

Keep track of life points in a game of Yu-Gi-Oh

Gas Mileage Calculator

Calculate fuel useage based on mileage - Miles Per Gallon (MPG); calculate gas and mileage cost rates.

What is My IP Address Calculator

Read the IP address you are at right now


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