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Conversion calculators can help you convert one unit of measurement or value into another. These systems of measurement include SI (International System of Units), U.S. customary units, and some British measurement units.

Our conversion calculators are useful in science, engineering, finance, and everyday life when converting between different systems of unit measurement. Use unit conversion calculators to convert between measurements of length, weight, volume, temperature, currency, and more. You can also convert between decimal, percent and fractions, as well as numbers to words with our conversion calculators.

Common examples of unit conversion include length or distance where you might want to convert measurements from miles to kilometers, feet to meters, or inches to centimeters. Temperature unit conversion converts temperatures between Fahrenheit, Celsius, and Kelvin scales. When dealing with international finance our currency conversion calculators convert monetary amounts from one currency to another given the current published exchange rates.

While our conversion calculators do the mathematical conversions behind the scenes, you can read more on our calculator pages about how to do unit conversions. Typically you will multiply or divide a unit by a numerical unit conversion factor and round off resulting decimals as appropriate. We also provide charts of unit conversion factors where possible.


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