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When you complete a calculation, a link for the calculation and answer will appear in the "Share this Answer Link" text box below the answer. Simply copy the link provided and share in social media or send by text message or email. When the recipient follows the link, he or she will arrive at CalculatorSoup.com on the calculator you visited, with the same input values and answer of the calculation you just completed. You can also paste the URL into a browser address bar to achieve the same effect.

Get a Widget for this Calculator

Clicking the link at the bottom of any calculator will provide you with easy-to-copy code for widget versions of our calculators so you can include our CalculatorSoup calculators on your own or other websites. Detailed instructions are on our help page for Calculator Widgets at CalculatorSoup. We also provide code for sharing our calculator URLs via social media, text message or email.

Scientific Notation

Where applicable, you can enter numbers in scientific notation via E notation. If you wanted to enter 12,300,000 in scientific notation for example, enter it as 1.23E7 or 1.23e7. Negative exponents are entered as 1.23E-7 or 1.23e-7.


NaN is an acronym for "Not a Number." When you see NaN in the answer field it indicates that an answer does not exist for the calculation given the inputs provided.


Inf is an abbreviation for infinity. When you see Inf in the answer field it indicates that the answer is too large and is beyond the abilities of the calculations. Generally with our calculators, the upper limit is 10300.


We follow the most common rules for rounding.

What we do:
The last figure kept will be unchanged if the first figure dropped is less than 5.
The last figure kept will be increased by 1 if the first figure dropped is greater than or equal to 5.

Rounding to one decimal place, these calculators will do the following
7.73 rounds to 7.7
7.75 rounds to 7.8
7.77 rounds to 7.8

Tabbed Browsing and Full Keyboard Control

We have made an effort to build our calculators to allow logical tabbed navigation through the input fields. On most calculators you should be able to enter information from left to right or top to bottom using your tab key to move between fields, and finally to the "Calculate" button which can be activated by hitting the "Enter" key on your keyboard.

Stated simply, you can have full keyboard control of calculators without requiring use of a mouse.

Calculate with Enter or Go

You can also hit "Enter" or "Go" on your keyboard to submit your calculations. You do not have to click on the "Calculate" button explicitly. With your cursor focus in the last entry field hit "Enter" or "Go." Also, after you change a field to modify a calculation, you can hit "Enter" or "Go" to resubmit the calculation.

Significant Figures and Floating Point numbers

Floating point numbers do not always return expected values due to internal storage of the computer or server. For example, the resulting value for a calculation that includes a floating point number might be exactly 5.0, but it might be presented as 4.99999 with a repeating 9.

How to Copy HTML Table Results to Excel or a Spreadsheet

If you get results in table form such as an amortization schedule or statistics, you can copy and paste that information into a well structured format in Excel or other spreadsheet programs.  You might need to clean it up a little and format your cells.

  • Copy only what is inside the table. When you select you can start at the top-left cell and end at the bottom right.
  • In your spreadsheet, select Edit >> Paste Special >> then paste as plain text.


If you need assistance please feel free to contact us.


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