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Total Heads 0
Total Tails 1
Total Flips 1
0 Heads ÷ 1 Flips = 0% Heads
1 Tails ÷ 1 Flips = 100% Tails

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Calculator Use

Flip a coin for heads or tails. Simulate a coin flip any number of times to see percentage heads and tails outcomes.

The Coin Flipper Calculator shows a coin flip counter with total flips, percentages of heads versus tails outcomes, and a chart listing the outcome of each flip.

This coin flipper lets you:

  • Toss a coin up to 100 times and keep a running total of flips, a tally of flip outcomes and percentage heads or tails
  • Toss up to 1000 coins at a time and see total number of flips, a record of coin flip outcomes, and percentage heads or tails
  • Toss up to 100,000 coins at a time and see heads and tails count as well as heads/tails percentage statistics
  • See how heads and tails probabilities get closer to 50/50 over consecutive flips

The coin flipper calculator is a pseudo-random number generator (PRNG) that randomly selects a coin side from either heads or tails. Each coin flip is independent of any other coin flip so previous outcomes do not affect the outcome of the next coin flip.

Coin Heads

kennedy half dollar heads

Coin Tails

kennedy half dollar tails

United States coin images sourced from the United States Mint at https://www.usmint.gov/news/image-library/john-f-kennedy-half-dollar. Last accessed September 21, 2023.


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