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Decimal Degrees to Degrees Minutes Seconds

Decimal Degrees to
Degrees Minutes Seconds

42° 21' 36.36"

42 degrees, 21 minutes, 36.36 seconds

Converting to only minutes or seconds

= 2541.606 minutes

= 152496.36 seconds

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Convert degrees in decimal form, such as GPS coordinates or Longitude and Latitude, to degrees, minutes and seconds (DMS). Input decimal degrees and click Convert to convert decimal to degrees minutes seconds.

How to Convert Decimal Degrees to DMS

Follow these steps to convert decimal degrees to DMS:

  1. For the degrees use the whole number part of the decimal
  2. For the minutes multiply the remaining decimal by 60. Use the whole number part of the answer as minutes.
  3. For the seconds multiply the new remaining decimal by 60

Example: Convert decimal degrees 156.742 to degrees minutes seconds

  • The whole number is degrees. So 156.742 gives you 156 degrees.
  • Multiply the remaining decimal by 60.
    0.742*60 = 44.52, so the whole number 44 equals minutes.
  • Multiply the remaining decimal by 60.
    0.52*60 = 31.2, so the whole number 31 equals seconds.
  • Decimal degrees 156.742 converts to 156 degrees, 44 minutes and 31 seconds, or 156° 44' 31".
  • Be sure to follow math rules of rounding when calculating seconds by hand. If your resulting seconds is something like 31.9 you may round up to 32.

Degrees minutes and seconds in a circle

Why multiply decimal degrees by 60 to get minutes and seconds?

Circles and spheres have 360 degrees in a complete rotation. One degree has 60 minutes and one minute has 60 seconds. If you have 91.456 degrees you can see that your measurement is 91 whole degress plus 0.456 of a degree.

To state the decimal 0.456 degrees in minutes multiply 0.456*60 to get 27.36 minutes. Now you have 27 whole minutes plus 0.36 of a minute.

To state the decimal 0.36 minutes seconds multiply 0.36*60 to get 21.6 seconds. Since your decimal 0.6 is greater than 0.5 you can round up to 22 seconds if you like.


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