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Square Feet to Square Meters | ft² to m²

ft² to m² Converter
= 0.09290304 m2

Divide by 10.76
for quick conversions

ft2 / 10.76 = m2


To convert ft2 to m2, use the conversion factor

1 m2 = 10.7639104 ft2

then divide both sides of the equation by m2, to get the conversion ratio

1 = 10.7639104 ft2 / m2

Use the conversion ratio to complete the unit conversion, basically dividing the input by 1, the ft2 units cancel out, and we are left with m2 units.

1 ft2 ÷ 10.7639104 ft2 / m2
= 0.09290304 m2

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Convert area units of square feet (ft²) to square meters (m²). Answer will include the formula for quick conversions from ft² to m².

The square feet symbol is ft² however you will also see "square feet" represented as sf, sqft or sq ft.

To convert m² to ft² use the Square Meters to Square Feet Converter

How to convert square feet to square meters

Divide ft² area by 10.7639


1 meter is about 3.28084 feet. Squaring both values, 1 meter squared is about 10.7639 feet squared.

1 m = 3.28084 ft

(1 m)² = (3.28084 ft)²

1 m² = 10.7639 ft²

dividing both sides by the feet squared,

1 m² / 10.7639 ft² = 1 and,

1 m² / 10.7639 ft² ≈ 0.092903 m²/ft²

Therefore, to convert ft² to m² we multiply by 0.092903 m²/ft². Meters squared (m²) will cancel and we are left with units of feet squared (ft²). Alternatively, to convert ft² to m² we divide ft² by 10.7639 ft²/m²

ft² = m² ÷ 10.7639 ft²/m²

Quick Conversion
Multiply by
or Divide by
square feet to square meters
square meters to square feet

Example: Convert 150 square feet to square meters.

150 ft² to m² is calculated here using the division factor 10.7639
150 ft² / 10.7639 ft²/m²
Divide through and cancel ft² units
150 ft² / 10.7639 ft²/m² = 13.93547 m²

150 ft² ≈ 13.93547 m²

Square Meter or Square Metre

A square meter is a unit of area and has the symbol . The spelling meter is American while metre is the international spelling used by many other countries. The metre is the base unit of length in the International System of Units. 1 meter is about 3.28084 feet and 1 square meter is about 10.7639 square feet.

Square Foot

A square foot is a unit of area and has the symbol ft² but you will also see people use sf, sqft and sq ft.or ". Fifteen square feet can be expressed as 15 ft². The foot is a unit of length in the British imperial system of units and United States customary units where there are 12 inches in 1 foot. 1 foot is exactly 0.3048 meters and 1 square foot is exactly 0.09290304 m².


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