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Checkbook Calculator

Checkbook Calculator

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The Checkbook Calculator is useful for keeping a running total when adding or subtracting money, as when balancing a checkbook. You can use numbers and the enter button on your keyboard without using your mouse except to change the operation to subtraction, multiplication or division. You can also enter negative numbers (-5.25) from your keypad so you do not need to change the operator to subtraction.

Balance your checkbook with our Checkbook Balance Calculator.

Keep a print-out with our adding machine.


This is similar to our adding machine calculator except you have unlimited entries here, but no tape.

auto mode allows you to use this adding machine with only your keypad.
auto decimal mode operates the same as auto mode but also assumes 2 decimal places so you do not need to enter a decimal point. (Entry of 5236 = 5236/100 = 52.36, if you want to enter just 52.00 you must enter 5200 when in this mode).

For either auto or auto decimal modes, precede a value with +,-,* or / for addition, subtraction, multiplication or division. Default function is +. If you just enter numbers then hit the enter key on your keyboard, it will add them.

For any mode you can add a trailing % to cause the operand to be a percentage of the current total. For example, if the current total is 300 and you enter +20%, since 20% of 300 is 60, the operand will be 60 which will be added to 300. The new total will be 360.


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