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The Money Calculator finds the total amount of money by adding up the sum of each denomination of bills and coins. Dollar bills are traditionally called "banknotes" or "notes" so we use these terms in our money calculator.

A money counting calculator can be used in many situations that require you to find a total sum of money and can easily be used for any of the following:

  • Money Counter
  • Coin Counter
  • Cash Counter
  • Cash Register Counter
  • Till Counter

Use this money calculator to add up the total amount of money for common denominations of bills, coins and rolled or bagged coins in these currencies:

  • United States Dollar USD
  • European Euro EUR
  • Japanese Yen JPY
  • British Pound Sterling GBP
  • Australian Dollar AUD
  • Canadian Dollar CAD
  • Swiss Franc CHF
  • Swedish Kr√≥na SEK
  • Mexican Peso MXN
  • New Zealand Dollar NZD
  • Indian Rupee INR
  • Philippine Peso PHP
  • Malaysia Ringgit MYR
  • Saudi Riyal SAR
  • Vietnamese Dong VND

Please contact me if you would like to use the calculator for an additional currency or rolled coins not listed here.

How to Calculate Total Amount of Money

To add up the total amount of cash and coins you have, first sort each note and coin according to value. Make a separate pile for each denomination and then count how many of each bill or coin value you have.

For each bill and coin value, multiply the number you have by the face value. For example, if you have 4 of $10 note multiply 4 × 10 to get $40. If you have 3 of the $5 note multiply 3 × 5 to get $15.

Add all of the totals together to calculate the total sum of money.

Steps to Calculate Money

  1. Sort cash and coins so that each denomination is in its own stack
  2. Make a separate count of how many bills or coins are in each stack
  3. For each stack, multiply the face value by the number of bills or coins in that stack
  4. Add the totals of all stacks together. This is the sum total of the money.

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