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Profit Goal Calculator

Profit Goal Calculator

Goal and Targets
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Calculator Use

Analyze business goals for sales, profit or variable costs while your fixed costs remain constant.  The scenario of this calculator assumes that you are maximizing your current fixed costs and other elements of your business such as pricing will stay the same through your target.

Entries must satisfy the equation: Sales = Profit + Variable Costs + Fixed Costs

Sales, Profit, Variable Costs, Fixed Costs can be in terms of time or units, depending on your business.  For example, per month, per quarter, per-unit or per 1000 units, etc.

Calculating Profit Goal

You can set a target profit for your business and find out what that means in terms of projected sales and required variable costs to reach your goal.  Likewise, you can set a target for your sales or variable costs and calculate what that means in terms of the other two variables.


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