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Sales Calculator
Sales Variables
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Calculator Use

When calculating important values related to sales, or margin analysis, there are 5 key variables and 3 primary equations. If you know at least 2 values, and 1 value is a dollar value, this calculator can be used to solve for the other 3 unknow variables.


  • Cost (C)($)
  • Revenue (R)($) or selling price
  • Gross Profit (P)($)
  • Gross Margin (G)(%)
  • Mark Up (M)(%)

Sales Equations

  • P = R - C
  • M = P / C
  • G = P / R

If you know at least 2 values, and 1 value is a dollar value, you can calculate the other 3 after some algebraic manipulation of the three equations. This calculator will calculate any three of the sales values based on any 2 inputs that you provide.

  1. Gross Profit = Revenue - Cost
  2. Markup = Gross Profit / Cost
  3. Gross Margin = Gross Profit / Revenue


* Revenue = Price (selling price)


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