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Tip Calculator
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Calculator Use

Calculate tip or gratuity based on meal or service total. Enter the total cost of your meal or service and the tip percentage you would like to include as gratuity. If you want to split the bill among multiple people the calculator divides the total plus tip amount by the number of people to get the total cost each person should contribute. You round the results up to whole dollars if you prefer.

How to Calculate Tip

Tip or gratuity is calculated as a percentage of the total bill for your meal or service, before tax. It is customary to tip between 15% and 20% for a meal, service, or bar tab.

  • Tip Amount = Cost * Tip %
  • Total = Cost + Tip Amount

Example Tip Calculation

You went to dinner with 3 friends and the bill totaled $56.88 before tax. You want to add a %17 tip to the bill, and then you want to split the grand total 4 ways.

First calculate tip amount:

  • Tip Amount = $56.88 * 17%
  • Tip Amount = 56.88 * .17
  • Tip Amount = $9.67

Add the tip to the bill and split the total 4 ways:

  • Total inlcuding tip = $56.88 + $9.67
  • Total inlcuding tip = $66.55
  • Total divided by 4 = 66.55 ÷ 4 = $16.64

Each person should contribute $16.64 which includes their share of the bill plus a 17% tip.

How to Quickly Calculate Tip on a Calculator

There is a short way to calculate total bill plus tip percent. Decide the percent tip you want to leave. Multiply your bill by 1.%% where %% is the tip percentage. This calculation is the same as multiplying the bill total by percent tip, and then adding that amount to the total bill.

Example Quick Tip Calculation

You got a haircut at a cool salon and the stylist did a great job. You want to leave her a 20% tip, and your haircut bill came to $75.

  • Total + Tip = Total * 1.%%
  • Total + Tip = $75 * 1.20
  • Total + Tip = $90

How to Estimate Tip in Your Head

You can get a good tip estimate by doing it in your head this way.

Find 10% of your bill by moving the decimal one place to the left. If your bill is 26.50 then 10% is 2.65. Calculate 20% as 2 times 10%, or 2.65 + 2.65 = 5.30. The tip you could leave ranges from poor (10%) to great (20%), $2.65 to $5.30. To find 15%, halfway in between, find half of 10% or 2.65/2 = about $1.30. So $2.65 plus about $1.30 is $3.95.

This is plenty of information to make a good guess at the tip amount you should leave. If you decide on about 18%, 4.50 to 5.00 is a safe guess.


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