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Stadium Calculator

Stadium Calculator
r =
side length
a =
P =
A =

Stadium Shape

Stadium Geometric Shape with Radius and Side a
r = radius
a = length side a
A = area
P = perimeter
π = pi = 3.1415926535898

Calculator Use

Use this calculator to calculate physical values related to the shape of a stadium. A geometric stadium shape is a circle of radius r that has been cut in half through the center and the 2 ends are then separated by a rectangle of height r and width (or side length) of a. Calculations are essentially a combination of calculations for a combined circle and rectangle.

Stadium Formulas in terms of radius r and side a: (π = Pi)

Area of a stadium:

A = πr2 + 2 * r * a

Perimeter of a stadium:

P = 2 * (πr + a)

Stadium Calculations:

Use the following additional formulas along with the formulas above.

  • Given the radius and side of a stadium calculate the area and perimeter
    Given r, a find A, P
    • use the formulas above
  • Given the radius and area of a stadium calculate the side and perimeter
    Given r, A find a, P
    • a = (A - (πr2)) / (2 * r)
  • Given the radius and perimeter of a stadium calculate the side and area
    Given r, P find a, A
    • a = (P / 2) - (πr)
  • Given the side and perimeter of a stadium calculate the radius and area
    Given a, P find r, A
    • r = (P / 2π) - (a / π)

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