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Fractions Calculator
Need Whole Numbers? Use Mixed Numbers Calculator

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Use this fraction calculator for adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing fractions. Answers are provided as simplified fractions in lowest terms or as mixed numbers in reduced form. Input proper or improper fractions, select the math operation and click Calculate.

You can also add, subtract, multiply or divide negative fractions. Insert a negative (minus) sign before the numerator (top number) for each fraction that is negative. For example if one of your fractions is -16/20 just insert a "-" before the "16" and proceed to enter all other numerators and denominators. Choose the math operation and click Calculate.

To calculate with mixed numbers (whole numbers and fractions) use the Mixed Numbers Calculator.

Fraction Equations

Adding Fractions

The algebraic formula for adding fractions is:

\( \dfrac{a}{b} + \dfrac{c}{d} = \dfrac{ad + bc}{bd} \)

Example steps:

\( \dfrac{2}{6} + \dfrac{1}{4} = \dfrac{(2\times4) + (6\times1)}{6\times4} \)
\( = \dfrac{14}{24} = \dfrac {7}{12} \)

Subtracting Fractions

The formula for subtracting fractions is:

\( \dfrac{a}{b} - \dfrac{c}{d} = \dfrac{ad - bc}{bd} \)

Example steps:

\( \dfrac{2}{6} - \dfrac{1}{4} = \dfrac{(2\times4) - (6\times1)}{6\times4} \)
\( = \dfrac{2}{24} = \dfrac {1}{12} \)

Multiplying Fractions

The formula for multiplying fractions is:

\( \dfrac{a}{b} \times \dfrac{c}{d} = \dfrac{ac}{bd} \)

Example steps:

\( \dfrac{2}{6} \times \dfrac{1}{4} = \dfrac{2\times1}{6\times4} \)
\( = \dfrac{2}{24} = \dfrac {1}{12} \)

Dividing Fractions

The formula for dividing fractions is:

\( \dfrac{a}{b} \div \dfrac{c}{d} = \dfrac{ad}{bc} \)

Example steps:

\( \dfrac{2}{6} \div \dfrac{1}{4} = \dfrac{2\times4}{6\times1} \)
\( = \dfrac{8}{6} = \dfrac {4}{3} = 1 \dfrac{1}{3} \)

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This calculator performs the reducing calculation faster than other calculators you might find. The primary reason is that it utilizes Euclid's Algorithm for reducing fractions which can be found on The Math Forum.


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