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Percent to Fraction Calculator

Percent to Fraction Calculator

\[ = \frac{5}{8} \]Showing Work:
\[ 62.5\% = \frac{62.5}{100} \]\[ = 0.625\]\[ = \frac{0.625}{1} \times \frac{1000}{1000} \]\[ = \frac{625}{1000} \]\[ = \frac{5}{8} \]

Calculator Use

This online calculator converts a percent to a fraction. If the percent value is greater than 100% it is converted into a mixed number fraction. Enter percents to convert them into fractions. The number you enter can also have decimal places as in 3.5% or 0.625%.

To convert a percent to a fraction you first convert the percent to a decimal then use the same procedure as converting a decimal to fraction.

How to Convert a Percent to Fraction

  1. Divide the percentage by 100 to get a decimal number.
  2. Use that number as the numerator (top) of a fraction. Put a 1 in the denominator (bottom) of the fraction.
  3. Convert the decimal to a whole number: Count how many places are to the right of the decimal. If you have x decimal places then multiply numerator and denominator by 10x.
  4. Reduce the fraction: Find the Greatest Common Factor (GCF) of the numerator and denominator and reduce the fraction by dividing both numerator and denominator by the GCF.
  5. Simplify the remaining fraction to a mixed number fraction if possible.

Example: Convert 35.5% to a fraction

1. Divide by 100

\( \dfrac{35.5}{100} = 0.355\)

2. Rewrite the decimal number number as a fraction (over 1)

\( \dfrac{0.355}{1} \)

3. Multiply numerator and denominator by by 103 = 1000 to remove 3 decimal places

\( \dfrac{0.355}{1}\times \dfrac{1000}{1000}= \dfrac{355}{1000} \)

4. Find the Greatest Common Factor (GCF) of 355 and 1000 and reduce the fraction, dividing both numerator and denominator by GCF = 5

\( \dfrac{355 \div 5}{1000 \div 5}= \dfrac{71}{200} \)


\( 35.5\% = \dfrac{71}{200} \)

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