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We provide free widget versions of the calculators at CalculatorSoup for you to put on your own web pages. You get pop-up calculators for your visitors to use, and we get links back to CalculatorSoup. Win-Win!

How to Access Calculator Widgets

  1. Navigate to the page on CalculatorSoup that shows the calculator you're interested in. Find calculators via:

  2. Click on the link "Get a Widget for this Calculator" located in the calculator area below the answer box. The link you want is just above the ©CalculatorSoup logo.

    Get a pop-up calculator widget

  3. A new page opens presenting the HTML code for the pop-up calculator widget. Follow the brief instructions under "Calculator Widget."

If you need assistance please let us know here.

You can modify the JavaScript window size to your needs but please leave the link code and link text such as "Car Loan Calculator" as-is. Calculator Widget Copyright CalculatorSoup. Use is granted only if all links to www.calculatorsoup.com are maintained.


Car Loan Calculator

Mortgage Repayment Calculator

Straight Line Depreciation Calculator

Note that calculators will work as pop-ups only when accessed via a link from a web page. You cannot access them directly by typing the URL code into an address bar.


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