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Free scientific calculators you may already have on your computer or device:

  • Calculator on Windows
    • Click on the Start Button >>> Programs >>> Accessories >>> Calculator. In the View menu on the calculator you can change between standard and scientific calculator formats.
  • Calculator on Mac OSx
    • Open your Applications folder then find and start Calculator.app. In the View menu on the calculator you can select a Basic calculator, a Scientific calculator and a Programmer calculator. The Calculator app is available on recent versions of Apple iPad, iPod Touch, iPhone and Mac.
  • Calculator on Linux
    • KCalc is the scientific calculator included in the KDE desktop. You can start it through the menu or "Run" command (Alt-F2) by typing "kcalc." More information can be found at:
    • Calculator or GCalctool are the scientific calculators included in the GNOME desktop, depending on your version. More information can be found here:
  • Smartphone Calculators
    • Most smartphones come with default calculators and there are numerous calculator options available via downloadable apps. Check the app store for your device.
  • Google
    • Go to Google, type "calculator" into the search box and a scientific calculator will appear.
    • Google does some calculations and conversions such as "miles to km" from the search box. Just go to Google and use the search box.

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