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Future Value Calculator, Basic

Future Value Calculator

Future Value (FV) = $ 15,000.00

Future Value Interest Factor
FVIF = 1.20123

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Calculator Use

Calculate the Future Value and Future Value Interest Factor (FVIF) for a present value invested for a number of periods at an interest rate per period.  For simplicity, this basic calculator sets time periods to years and compounding is monthly. For more advanced calculations choose another future value calculator.

Number of Years (t)
Enter whole numbers or use decimals for partial periods such as months for example, 7.5 years is 7 yr 6 mo.
Interest Rate (R)
is the nominal interest rate or "stated rate" in percent for each period. r = R/100, the interest rate in decimal
Present Value (PV)
is the present value or principal amount to be invested.
commonly a period will be a year but it can be any time interval you want as long as all inputs are consistent.
Future Value (FV)
the calculated future value of our investment
Future Value Interest Factor that accounts for your input Number of Periods, Interest Rate and Compounding Frequency and can now be applied to other present value amounts to find the future value under the same conditions.

Simple Future Value of a Present Value:

\( FV = PV(1+i) \)

where i is the rate per period in decimal form.


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