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Loan Calculators

Online loan calculators for calculations related to personal loans, car loans and mortgages. All calculators include amortization schedules so you can see how much you're paying on principal and interest over the course of the loan.

Loans - General

Loan Calculator

Calculate payment, interest rate, loan amount or term for a personal loan or line of credit. Create an amorization schedule.

Simple Loan Calculator

Calculate monthly payment on a loan from a term in years or months along with interest paid on the loan. Create an amorization schedule.

Advanced Loan Calculator

Includes choice of payment frequency and compounding frequency

Loan Repayment with Extra Payments

See how additional payments can help you pay off your loan faster

How Much Loan Can I Afford?

Try out different loan amounts, interest rates and months or years of loan term

EMI - Equated Monthly Installment Loan Calculator

Like other loan calculators, but EMI loans typically limit you to one fixed payment per month

Auto Loans

Car Loan Calculator

Calculate your monthly car payment and print an amortization schedule

Car Loan Payment Calculator

Inlcudes the option to input down payment, trade-in value, and sales tax

How Much Car Can I Afford?

Calculates the price of car you can afford given your ideal monthly payment

Mortgage Calculations

Mortgage Payment

Use this basic calculator to estimate monthly mortgage payment calculations

Mortgage Payment with Taxes and Insurance

Include estimated property tax and homeowner's insurance cost for a more realistic calculation of your monthly mortgage payment

Mortgage Repayment with Extra Payments

Include additional principal payments to see how you can reduce total interest paid, or reduce length of the loan term

Interest Only Mortgage

Calculate payments for the interest-only term of the mortgage; also includes principal plus interest payment amount for the remaining term of the loan

Property Tax Calculator

Estimate property tax for future years given the assessed value of your house

How Much House Can I Afford?

Try out different mortgage loan amounts, interest rates and months or years of loan term to find your ideal monthly mortgage payment

Additional Resources

Loan Payment Table Generator

Create a loan payment value table with options to increment interest rate and loan amount

Amortization Schedule

Create an amortization schedule that shows the breakdown of principal plus interest for each payment installment

Amortization Schedule for Equal Principal Payments

Create an amortization schedule for constant principal payments over the course of a loan


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