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Speed Distance Time Calculator

Speed Distance Time Calculator

speed = distance/time
speed =
(answer units)

speed = 55 miles per hour

= 55 mi/h

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Calculate speed, distance or time using the formula d = st, distance equals speed times time. The Speed Distance Time Calculator can solve for the unknown sdt value given two known values.

Time can be entered or solved for in units of secondes (s), minutes (min), hours (hr), hours and minutes and seconds (hh:mm:ss) or minutes and seconds (mm:ss).

To solve for distance use the formula for distance d = st, or distance equals speed times time.

distance = speed x time

Rate and speed are similar since they both represent some distance per unit time like miles per hour or kilometers per hour. If rate r is the same as speed s, r = s = d/t. You can use the equivalent formula d = rt which means distance equals rate times time.

distance = rate x time

To solve for speed or rate use the formula for speed, s = d/t which means speed equals distance divided by time.

speed = distance/time

To solve for time use the formula for time, t = d/s which means time equals distance divided by speed.

time = distance/speed

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