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Displacement Calculator s = vt

Displacement Calculator
\( s = \overline{v} t \)
s =
average velocity

Calculator Use

Choose a calculation to solve for displacement (s), average velocity (v) or time (t). Enter two values and the calculator will solve for the third. You can also enter scientific notation in the format 3.45e9, with no spaces between numbers and the exponent indicator, e.

Average velocity, displacement and time calculations can also be referred to as an average speed, distance and time calculations.

Displacement Equations for these Calculations:

Displacement (s) equals average velocity (v) times time (t).

\( s = \overline{v} t \)


  • \( s \) = displacement
  • \( \overline{v} \) = average velocity
  • \( t \) = time

Displacement calculations used in calculator:

Solving for the different variables we can use the following formulas:

Solve for s given v and t
Calculate displacement given average velocity and time.

\( s = \overline{v} t \)

Solve for v given s and t
Calculate average velocity given displacement and time.

\( \overline{v} = \dfrac{s}{t} \)

Solve for t given s and v
Calculate time given displacement and average velocity

\( t = \dfrac{s}{\overline{v}} \)

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