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Ideal Gas Law Calculator PV = nRT

Ideal Gas Law Calculator
\( P = \dfrac{nRT}{V} \)
P =

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The Ideal Gas Law Calculator finds the unknown variable in the equation PV = nRT when three of the variables are known.

Ideal Gas Law Formula

The ideal gas law formula states that pressure multiplied by volume is equal to moles times the universal gas constant times temperature.

\( PV = nRT \)


  • P = pressure
  • V = volume
  • n = number of moles
  • T = temperature
  • R = gas constant

Gas Constant R

The gas constant R is a constant of units of energy per temperature increment per mole. It is also known as the universal gas constant, ideal gas constant and molar gas constant.

The value of gas constant R depends on the units you are using in your calculation. See Wikipedia Gas Constant for a table of R values and their corresponding units.

This calculator uses R = 8.31446261815324 m3·Pa·K-1·mol-1. If necessary, your calculator inputs are converted to these same units to perform the calculation and then converted back into your answer units.

Calculations Using the Ideal Gas Law

The Ideal Gas Law equation can be used to find the pressure of the gas, the volume of the gas, the amount of substance contained in the volume of gas, or the temperature of the gas. We rewrite the equation below to calculate each of the Ideal Gas Law variables.

Calculate pressure:

\( P = \dfrac{nRT}{V} \)

Calculate volume:

\( V = \dfrac{nRT}{P} \)

Calculate moles:

\( n = \dfrac{PV}{RT} \)

Calculate temperature:

\( T = \dfrac{PV}{nR} \)

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