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Impulse Calculator

Impulse Calculator
\( J = Ft \)
J =
applied force
time interval

Calculator Use

The Impulse Calculator uses the equation J = Ft to find impulse, force or time when two of the values are known. Choose a calculation and select your units of measure. Impulse calculator inputs can include scientific notation such as 3.45e22.

Impulse Formula

The Impulse Calculator uses the simple formula J=Ft, or impulse (J) is equal to force (F) times time (t). Impulse is also known as change in momentum.

\( J = Ft \)


  • J = impulse
  • F = applied force
  • t = time interval

Calculate impulse by finding force multiplied by the time interval over which the force was applied. Select the known units of measure for impulse, force and time. This calculator converts among units during the calculation.

Impulse as Momentum

Impulse is a change in Momentum, Δp, and you may see this equation for impulse with the time interval as Δt

\( Δp = FΔt \)


  • Δp = change in momentum = impulse = J
  • F = applied force
  • Δt = time interval or elapsed time

Significant Figures

For a value of 165778, selecting 4 significant figures will return 165800. For a value of 0.00165778, selecting 4 significant figures will return 0.001658. See our help notes on significant figures.

Calculations Using the Impulse Formula

Use the impulse formula to find impulse, also known as change in momentum, the force applied, or the time span over which the force was applied.

Calculate impulse J:

\( J = Ft \)

Calculate force F

\( F = \dfrac{J}{t} \)

Calculate the time elapsed t:

\( t = \dfrac{J}{F} \)

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