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Pressure Calculator

Pressure Calculator
\( P = \dfrac{F}{A} \)
P =

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Choose a calculation for pressure P, force F or area A. Enter two known values and the calculator will solve for the third in the selected units. Pressure is force divided by area.

Pressure Equation for these Calculations:

\( P = \dfrac{F}{A} \)


  • P = pressure
  • F = force
  • A = area

The Pressure Calculator uses the formula P = F/A, or pressure (P) is equal to force (F) divided by area (A). The calculator uses any two of the values to calculate the third. Enter the units of measure for each value and the calculator converts among the units. Note that lb/in² = psi (pounds per square inch)

Pressure calculations used in this calculator:

Solving for pressure, force or area we can use the following formulas where pressure is directly proportional to force and inversely proportional to area of the applied force:

Calculate P Given F and A

Calculate pressure given force and area:
Pressure P equals force F divided by area of the applied force, A

\( P = \dfrac{F}{A} \)

Calculate F Given P and A

Calculate force given pressure and area:
Force F equals pressure P times area A

\( F = PA \)

Calculate A Given F and P

Calculate area given force and pressure:
Area A equals force F divided by pressure P

\( A = \dfrac{F}{P} \)

Pressure Units

Pressure equals force per unit area or P = F/A. In SI units pressure is expressed in pascals (Pa), force is expressed in newtons (N) and area in square meters (m²). The pressure calculation results in newtons per meter squared which is equivalent to the pressure unit of pascals (1 Pa = 1 N/m²). In U.S. customary units pressure is expressed in pound-force per square inch with the symbols lbf/in² or lb/in² or, commonly, psi which means "pounds per square inch". U.S. units of force (F) is given in pound-force (lbf) and area (A) as square inches (in²).


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