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This is a time clock calculator to record your time worked. It calculates total time with settings in your timezone. Clock-in and Clock-out for multiple periods in a day. Use it like a regular punch time card or as a project time tracker.

You can keep track of your clock-ins and clock-outs on a per-day basis and get a record of the total amount of time you worked for the day. Copy the time record result at the end of your work day and paste it into your own document as a personal time and attendance record.

If you need an additional timezone not shown on the calculator list please contact me with a request.

Your IP Address along with Device and Browser identification are provided so you can record where you used the time card calculator. This information is helpful for recalling whether you were working on a home computer, an office computer, or at a remote location on a mobile device or smartphone.

Starting IP Address is recorded when you click "Start Workday" and Last IP Address is recorded at the most recent button click for "Clock-In," "Clock-Out," or "Refresh Total Time." If the Starting and Last IP addresses are different, it means you started and ended your workday at two different locations. We also have a separate tool you can use to Get your current IP address.


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