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Time & Date Calculators

Date Calculators

Age Calculator

Calculate the age of any person, place or thing

Date ± Days or ± Business Days Calculator

Add and subtract days or business days to or from a date

Date ± Calendar Units Calculator

Add or subtract days, weeks, months, quarters or years to or from a date

Date Difference for Days or Business Days

Calculate the days or business days between two dates

Time & Date Difference Calculator

Calculate the difference between two dates and times down to minutes and seconds

Time Calculators

Time & Date Difference Calculator

Gross Pay for Hours Worked

Hours Calculator (Time Span)

A single time span on 12 or 24 hour clock with a break

Work Hours Calculator

Work week hours on 12 or 24 hr clock with breaks, OT and decimal answer for payroll calculations

Time Calculator (arithmetic)

Add, subtract, multiply and divide units of days, hours, minutes and seconds; time arithmetic.

Time Calculator hh:mm:ss

An adding machine to calculate totals in hh:mm:ss format

Time Card Calculator

7 days, 3 periods/day, 2 breaks/day, with OT and rate for gross OT and pay calculation

Time Clock (Check In and Out) new

Stopwatch Lap Time Calculator

An adding machine to calculate totals in mm:ss.s formats

Sunrise Sunset Times Calculator

Time Conversions

Decimal to Time Calculator

Time to Decimal Calculator

Time Units Converter

Minutes to Hours and Minutes


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